Tennessee Announces Extension Of Unemployment Benefits


Nashville, TN  (CompNewsNetwork) - The US Senate approved legislation June 26, extending jobless benefits.  In a 92-6 vote, the Senate approved the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008; part of that package temporarily extends unemployment benefits up to 13 weeks.  The House passed the bill June 19, 416-12.  The House and the Senate sent the bill to President Bush and he signed it June 30, 2008.

In Tennessee, the new bill will affect approximately 50,000 people.  The legislation provides that the federal government will pay 100 percent of the costs to extend the benefits. The money will not be drawn from Tennessee’s unemployment trust fund.

The Department of Labor & Workforce Development is currently reviewing files to determine who may be eligible and will notify these individuals by mail.  No one will be required to come into a local Labor & Workforce Development Office or Career Center.  Nor will they be required to call the unemployment claims center.

Once individuals receive an application in the mail they can submit their claim through the mail if they are still unemployed.  Individuals who are determined eligible should expect to receive their first extended unemployment compensation payment in two to three weeks.

Governor Bredesen signed off on the legislation today.  "This new legislation will help unemployed Tennesseans get back on the road to employment,” said Governor Bredesen.  "It is encouraging to see the Senate and House have come together to help those who have been affected by the downturn in the economy.”

Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner James Neeley said, "This is important legislation to help individuals pay for gas and groceries and make ends meet while they continue to look for work.   If unemployment claimants have any questions about the extension they can visit our Web site for more information or call 615-741-4030.”

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