Statement From New York Governor Paterson On The Seventh Anniversary Of The September 11th Attacks


New York, NY  (CompNewsNetwork) - “Seven years ago today, nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children lost their lives in the worst terrorist attack to ever take place on American soil. We have witnessed the devastation and despair this country faced in the moments, months and years that followed. But the real story of that day is the story of our loved ones, of those heroes among us, who sacrificed their own lives to prevent an even greater tragedy. These courageous men and women rescued colleagues and revived strangers. They braved catastrophe, ignored fear and showed the kind of heart that makes this country resilient. Their legacy, and the humbling show of strength from the family members who survived them, is what we will commemorate on this day for generations to come.

“So today, as we reflect on the sadness, fear and anger that filled us on September 11, 2001, I urge you to remember the compassion, unity and strength that followed. It has been said that we live for as long as we are remembered, and today we renew our pledge to remember the friends and loved ones, parents and children, neighbors and strangers whose lives were cut short on that day. We will never forget them.”

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