Small Business California Honors Steve Poizner For Work On Behalf Of Small Businesses


San Francisco, CA  (CompNewsNetwork) - Small Business California, a non-partisan business advocacy organization, honored California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and seven other Californians for having gone the extra mile to assist small businesses in the state.

"Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. As an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses, I understand the challenges that must be overcome to move your vision forward," said Commissioner Poizner. "Small businesses create jobs and are one of the most common ways to achieve the American Dream. I am honored to receive this award for helping the business and job-creation climate in California, and will continue to support small businesses in our state."

In addition to Commissioner Poizner, the following people also received the Small Business Hero Award:

Christine Baker and Lach Taylor, Executive Officer and staff judge, respectively, of the Commission on Health Safety and Workers' Compensation.

Jim Baird, owner of Bay Area Development in Walnut Creek.

John Duncan, director of the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Lynn Jimenez, business reporter for KGO radio in San Francisco.

John Wilcox and Jim Pimentel, publisher and executive editor, respectively, of the San Francisco Examiner.

"These people are truly heroes to California Small businesses and Small Business California," said Scott Hague, president of Small Business California.

Small Business California is a proactive, non-partisan business advocacy organization whose only agenda is the well-being of California small businesses. Working for all California small businesses for a better business environment, Small Business California is responsive to the needs of California small business owners.

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