Senate Candidate, Al Franken To Pay Workers’ Compensation Fine


Sarasota, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - Senate Candidate, Al Franken, former radio talk show host and writer-performer on "Saturday Night Live" has been fined $25,000 by the state of New York's Workers' Compensation Board for failure to carry workers' compensation insurance.

The Franken campaign says they were not aware of a Nov 2006 determination that Franken's business failed to pay workers' compensation premiums to the state of New York. 

Franken's Campaign Spokesperson Jess McIntosh states the matter is being investigated internally to determine whether Franken's business did fail to pay workers' compensation premiums, or whether the state of New York is in error.

Franken's company is being fined for not carrying workers' compensation for three years. The judgment was entered against the Franken company more than a year ago.

Spokesperson said payment will be made, but Franken is not giving  up his right to appeal the judgment.

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