Registration Closed For California DWC EAMS “Train The Trainers” Sessions


Oakland, CA (CompNewsNetwork) - The California Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) has closed its registration for this week's EAMS "train the trainer" sessions in Los Angeles and Oakland. Those who got their registration in before the seats were filled have already received a confirmation note. Due to limited seating in both locations, only those confirmed to attend should come, and only to the session for which they registered. No additional seats for these sessions are available. 

As a pre-requisite for attending, registrants must review all the EAMS materials posted on the DWC Web site at Reviewing the demos, glossary, FAQs, blogs and past issues of EAMS Insider will prepare attendees for the fast pace of the session agenda.

These sessions will not provide details about working in the electronic environment and are not general sessions for end-users. The training sessions are designed specifically for organizational trainers and will focus primarily on filing forms and documents in EAMS. The trainers who attend a session will, in turn, be expected to provide this training to the rest of their organizations' staff who will need to understand how to keep their files moving through the workers' compensation courts as EAMS is implemented.

Those who did not make it into one of the August sessions will have the first opportunity to register for future sessions. The division will conduct additional similar sessions in September following EAMS go-live, and will continue to provide advisory and training materials for external users as EAMS implementation progresses and users are phased into the electronic filing environment.

The DWC recently posted a new page on the EAMS Web site called "Getting ready for EAMS." The purpose of the page is to provide "one stop shopping" for external users who need information on working in EAMS.

The page currently contains a forms submission demo, which shows how OCR and e-forms are processed in EAMS, a decision-point demonstration, which helps external users figure out which filing method (e-forms or OCR forms) will work best for them, a filing method timeline, and a recent court administrator memo on preparing files for submission in EAMS.

By the end of this week DWC will also post an OCR form "how to" guide and sample files—which demonstrate how to set paper files up for submission using new cover sheets and document separator sheets—along with new FAQs.

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