Prodigy Care Services Introduces PACparency, a Post-acute Care Cost-Containment Solution Providing Financial Transparency to Workers’ Compensation Payers


AUSTIN, TEXAS (January 22, 2024) – Prodigy Care Services has launched PACparency, a post-acute care (PAC) solution, providing workers’ compensation payers full financial transparency of Prodigy’s PAC and bill review services. PACparency reports financial metrics, including client savings for each referral, Prodigy’s retained savings, healthcare provider total billed charges and final reimbursement, and accurate jurisdictional fee schedule determination.

“Prodigy’s complete transparency allows clients to easily determine the full savings impact of our PAC solution,” said Prodigy Co-Founder and President Matthew Imes. “As a result, clients are realizing better savings than with previous vendors. The old model of companies hiding portions of the financial transaction needs to end.”

PACparency provides services nationwide through network and out-of-network provider agreements. Providers span the entire post-acute care continuum from long-term acute care and rehabilitation hospitals, residential brain injury/spinal cord injury centers, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities to home health, complex rehab technology, and durable medical equipment providers.

With 20-plus years’ experience in PAC admissions and discharges, PACparency coordinators have strong provider-selection expertise and deliver efficient care coordination. PAC coordinators ensure network providers adhere to a patient-centric approach using evidence-based care guidelines. Upon client request and at no additional charge, an interdisciplinary team of PAC clinicians provide clinical review and advanced care-mapping for complex and catastrophic claims.

Led by Prodigy’s Senior Vice President of Sentinel Services Stan Smith, PACparency was developed by experts who have operated PAC facilities and networks. For over 25 years, Smith provided administrative leadership for inpatient rehabilitation and long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, specialized centers for brain and spinal cord injuries, and other outpatient rehab facilities.

About Prodigy Care Services

Based in Austin, Texas and founded in 2020, Prodigy Care Services is a healthcare services technology company dedicated to positively impacting the lives of workers’ compensation patients by delivering outcomes-driven care solutions and increasing payer efficiency across the continuum of care. It provides services nationally to insurers, third-party administrators, bill review and case management companies, and other workers’ comp payers. PACparency along with the ProdigyRx pharmacy benefit manager, proactive clinical controls, and a suite of evidence-based, patient-centric clinical programs and tools are among Prodigy’s offerings. For more information, please see or call (713) 322-6667.

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