Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Says Added More Jobs In May


Harrisburg, PA (CompNewsNetwork) - Governor Rendell said today that Pennsylvania's job count1 rose by 2,900 in May, while the statewide unemployment rate2 went up just two tenths of a percent to 5.2 percent. 

"The 2,900 new jobs reported in May marks our second consecutive monthly gain and our unemployment rate remains below the national rate of 5.5 percent,” Governor Rendell said.
"With two consecutive months of net job gains, Pennsylvania is faring better than much of the nation,” he said. "However, Pennsylvania's future is in the balance as we fight against the faltering national economy while families and businesses struggle to deal with the sharply rising cost of fuel and energy.
"We would be in an even stronger position to add jobs and grow our economy if the General Assembly takes action now on the economic stimulus proposals I presented in February,” Governor Rendell said.
"Oil and gas prices seemingly reach new highs on a daily basis, and the cost of groceries and other goods is stretching household budgets to the limit. Add to that the shock families and businesses will get from electricity rate increases that will soon go into effect, and it is clear that we need to act now to provide relief for workers and business.
"Car dealers and other private companies are offering cost-saving economic incentives as a form of relief from rising prices, while our General Assembly has yet to approve my Energy Independence Strategy and Rebuild Pennsylvania initiatives that provide the tools consumers need to mitigate energy price increases, invests in clean and renewable energy sources, funds bridge and dam repair projects and creates thousands of skilled jobs that pay family-sustaining wages,” Governor Rendell said.
"Key portions of my Energy Independence Strategy have passed the House overwhelmingly but have languished in the Senate. We have made progress with the legislature in the past couple of weeks and I urge the Senate to pass these measures now because the longer it delays, the more difficult it's going to be for their constituents to manage the full force of the energy price increases that are just around the corner.”
In particular, the Governor pointed out Special Session House Bill 1, which has yet to be acted upon by the Senate, targets $850 million in new state resources to attract $3.5 billion in private investment from the alternative and renewable energy industries to create 13,000 new jobs.
In addition to the Energy Independence Strategy, Governor Rendell noted how the "Rebuild Pennsylvania” portion of his stimulus package will improve our economy – almost immediately.
"If the economic stimulus package I offered were passed today, $750 million in new capital spending for the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program and an increase the job creation tax credit from $1,000 to $3,000 per employee would get projects moving and create jobs now.
"We've made much progress in Pennsylvania,” the Governor said. "But my Rebuild Pennsylvania initiative will do more to jump start infrastructure restoration, invigorate the economy, and keep residents, communities and businesses safe by investing $700 million over the next three years putting residents to work building and repairing infrastructure assets – bridges, dams, airports,  rail freight lines and flood mitigation projects. This investment will help keep our state competitive for decades to come.
"As energy costs continue to rise, we must also raise our level of attention to this issue,” the Governor said. "Just as with rising gas prices, our citizens cannot afford to wait any longer for some form of economic relief from state government. The time is now. We must take action.”
For more information on Governor Rendell's economic stimulus proposals before the General Assembly, visit

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