Ohio BWC Recognizes Investigators For Contributions To Investment Probe


Ohio Inspector General’s Multi-agency Task Force Praised; 12 BWC Employees Acknowledged

Columbus, OH (CompNewsNetwork) - Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Administrator Marsha Ryan today joined Ohio Inspector General Thomas Charles and U.S. Attorney Gregory White in a ceremony recognizing the efforts of the multi-agency investigative task force that netted 21 persons charged and 19 criminal convictions in matters related to fraudulent BWC investment activities and other matters.

“Investigators from each agency carried out their duties masterfully,” said Inspector General Charles. “The commitment and teamwork of all involved in these investigations were key in successfully carrying out the mission of this task force.”

The multi-agency task force, led by the Office of the Inspector General, is made up of more than 150 individuals from BWC Special Investigations Department (SID), the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Commerce, the Ohio Ethics Commission, U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office and the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Those who are a part of this task force were critical in restoring public trust,” said Administrator Ryan. “The sordid history of these political and investment scandals has given BWC an opportunity to thoroughly scrutinize and improve upon all aspects of its operations. Today, BWC is focused on a comprehensive reform effort that will truly improve its service to injured workers, employers and indeed all Ohioans.”

hroughout the investigation, approximately 60 staff from BWC’s SID assisted the task force by conducting surveillance, processing inventory, executing search warrants, providing analysis, preparation of evidence and exhibits, and interviewing witnesses. The SID staff also provided on-site support to prosecutors during the trial phase and offered sworn testimony.

“As we look ahead to restoring operational excellence at BWC, it is important to recognize the untold stories of true dedication and committed public service by the investigators, and the hundreds of hard-working BWC employees who are committed to serving Ohio’s employers and injured workers,” Ryan added.

Twelve members of BWC’s SID were formally recognized at today’s ceremony, while 35 SID staff members received commendation letters from Inspector General Charles for their service to the task force. The ceremony, sponsored by the Office of the Inspector General, was held this afternoon in the William Green Building Auditorium, located in downtown Columbus.

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