Ohio BWC Board Submits Administrator Performance Review To Governor Strickland


Columbus, OH  (CompNewsNetwork) - The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Board of Directors today submitted to Governor Ted Strickland its first annual performance review of BWC Administrator Marsha Ryan.

"Last year, I signed legislation calling for an annual review of the Bureau of Workers' Compensation administrator, among other reforms,” Strickland said. "I am encouraged by the results of this evaluation, and I commend the work and leadership of Administrator Ryan in her first year at the BWC. This review is testament to our continuing efforts to ensure integrity, accountability and professionalism in the BWC system.”

The BWC Board of Directors rated Ryan's overall performance as an "excellent/plus” on a numerical rating system. Ryan received a 4 (excellent) out of 5 (superior) rating or higher in six evaluated categories: performance objectives, leadership, planning, interaction with external parties, integrity and ethics, and board governance.

The board unanimously offered the top rating (5) of Ryan's integrity and high ethical standards.

"We are very pleased with the leadership demonstrated by Ms. Ryan and we're certain that the BWC is in excellent hands,” said BWC Board of Directors Chair Bill Lhota. "Administrator Ryan has set the ‘tone at the top' at BWC and has demonstrated a sincere desire to do what is best for Ohio's employers and its workers.”

The performance evaluation was completed in accordance with Ohio House Bill 100, which created the BWC Board of Directors and outlined its powers and duties as a fiduciary, external governing body of BWC. The evaluation was completed following Ryan's first full year as BWC administrator.

In addition to the six evaluation areas, the Board of Directors documented the administrator's top challenges and accomplishments.

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