North Dakota WSI Now Accepting Applications for Review Of Denied Claim Benefits


Bismarck, ND (CompNewsNetwork) - Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) accepted a proposal by Representative George Keiser offering injured workers another chance to have their denial of benefits reviewed. WSI now has established a system to review decisions that resulted in a denial of benefits. Any case currently under appeal or under reconsideration or that was reviewed by a District Court or Supreme Court will be excluded from the review process.

Applications will be reviewed to determine whether benefits were properly applied in any individual case. This review will include any denial on claims filed from 7/1/1995 to the present. All workers requesting a review must fill out the application form (C170) that is downloadable at and then by clicking on the"Application for Continuing Jurisdiction” link in the lower right hand corner of the WSI homepage. The form can also be obtained from WSI via phone or email through our Customer Service number, 1-800-777-5033. Applications are now being accepted through June 30, 2008.

Workers requesting a review must sign a release of information form that will be limited to the Interim Legislative Workers' Compensation Review Committee members. This will allow WSI to share information on which they based their decisions and will provide committee members with the proper information to make certain that the worker's request for consideration was properly addressed by WSI.

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