North Dakota Injured Workers And Employers Satisfaction Remain High At Workforce Safety And Insurance Based On Spring Survey Results


Bismarck, ND  (CompNewsNetwork) - The North Dakota WSI Agency has announced overall satisfaction levels remain high in both the Injured Workers and Employers surveys recently conducted by DH Research.  Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI) contracts with DH Research twice a year to independently contact both injured workers and employers asking both groups to rate WSI on a wide range of criteria to see if the agency is meeting their service needs. The data from the surveys is then taken to an internal WSI committee to determine if there are any suggestions for improvements that can made based on these survey results.

In the spring 2008 Injured Worker Survey, which is conducted telephonically, DH Research conducted interviews with 785 injured workers. The overall satisfaction rating of injured workers was 4.23 on a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the highest. The results from the Injured Worker survey were consistent with historical trends. The sample of injured workers includes those that are 60-120 days post-acceptance of their claim (65%), claims open longer than one year (20%), closed claims (6%), and denied claims (8%).

The area of greatest satisfaction among injured workers was “returning phone calls in a timely manner”, and the area of least satisfaction was “ease of understanding WSI letters and forms”.

For the spring 2008 Employer Survey, DH Research received 252 completed surveys from the approximately 1,200 that were mailed out to a random sample of active employers. The overall satisfaction rating received for the spring survey was 4.09 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

This number also remains consistent with historical trends. The area of greatest satisfaction for employers was “providing polite and helpful assistance with information on claims”, and the area of least satisfaction was the “number of education services offered related to safety, loss control and risk management.”

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