North Carolina Industrial Commission Chair Pamela T. Young Announced Responsibility For Reviewing And Acknowledging All Form 25N Submissions


Raleigh, NC (CompNewsNetwork) -  The North Carolina Industrial Commission Medical Rehabilitation Nurses Section is responsible for reviewing and acknowledging all Form 25N submissions pursuant to the N.C. Industrial Commission Rules for Utilization of Rehabilitation Professionals in Workers' Compensation Claims, Rule IV. E. The Nurses Section receives a high volume of Form 25Ns daily, often without Industrial Commission file numbers (I.C. File #). Because there are no I.C. File Numbers, the Industrial Commission does not have jurisdiction over the claim and the Nurses Section is unable to properly file the forms into injured workers' files. Therefore, effective immediately, 25N forms that lack an assigned I.C. File # related to injuries greater than sixty (60) days old will not be acknowledged or returned by the Nurses Section.

A carrier should file a Form 19—Report of Injury for assignment of an I.C. File # if it anticipates the need for rehabilitation so that the Nurses Section can acknowledge the Form 25N. The 60-day period is allowed in an effort to prevent delays in medical care while awaiting the assignment of the I.C. File # by the Claims Section of the N.C. Industrial Commission. A carrier should make every effort to avoid placing rehabilitation professionals in situations where they are asked to provide services for cases that are not legally under the jurisdiction of the N.C. Industrial Commission.

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