New Workers’ Comp Site Offers Free Cost-Control Tips, Tools and Forms

                        Offers Comprehensive Resources and Programs

Mansfield, CT (CompNewsNetwork) - A new site,, provides a range of free workers' compensation cost-control tools, information and forms. 

Visitors can find best-practice guidelines, detailed case histories of companies that have slashed their costs, articles, and documents and regulations for all states. 

“If you need Texas workers' comp forms in Spanish, or North Dakota rules, you'll find it here,” said the site's creator, Rebecca Shafer, a pioneer in workers' comp cost control for more than 20 years.

A free cost-control tool is featured monthly.  The “Workers' Comp 101” section ( m//workers_comp.php) provides basic concepts, terminology and discussion of compensability.

Besides the massive amount of free information, the site offers the Workers' Management Injury Tool Kit—a complete workers' compensation management program that lets employers start saving money almost immediately.   It includes self-assessment tools, forms, schedules and training programs employers have used to cut their costs from 20 percent to 50 percent.

A simple self-assessment questionnaire gives users a numerical score and recommendations detailing the first steps to improve performance and to return employees to productivity faster.

The 10-module improvement plan offers more than 60 forms, sample letters, sample employee policies and formatted brochures to structure injury-management procedures.   The documents improve communications with supervisors, employees, doctors, and insurance adjusters. Spanish versions of all documents are available.

Employers can purchase the entire program or individual modules.  Pricing varies by employer size.

The program can be purchased directly or through selected brokers.

For more information, contact Shafer at 660-553-6604 or

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