NCCI's Classification Inspection Program – Top 10 Reclassified Codes in 2021


NCCI's Classification Inspection Program - Top 10 Reclassified Codes in 2021 is now available.

WHAT: As part of its core services, NCCI continually conducts classification inspections in all NCCI states through its Classification Inspection Program (Program).

KEY LEARNINGS: Based on data from the Program, the table below includes the top 10 governing codes reclassified between 2019 and 2021 and the top codes to which each of these codes were reassigned.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Assigning the appropriate classification code at policy issuance is an important step in maintaining the integrity of the classification system.


Circulars - NCCI releases various circulars on classification topics to further communicate and provide guidance for properly classifying business operations. These circulars are available to affiliates on

NCCI’s Basic Manual contains the filed and approved phraseology and notes for each classification code.

NCCI’s Scopes® of Basic Manual Classifications, a supplement to NCCI’s Basic Manual, is a guide to understanding and assigning classifications.

Using NCCI’s Class Look-Up tool and manuals, in addition to asking appropriate questions regarding an employer’s operations, can greatly reduce the number of reclassified codes.


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