NCCI Releases Firefighters and First Responders


2023 Update on Presumptive Workers Comp Benefits


WHAT: There’s a variety of firefighter presumptions being introduced and/or enacted in certain jurisdictions and additional considerations when determining the impact of firefighter presumptions on a jurisdiction’s work comp system.

WHAT ELSE? This study discusses the key issues to be considered when such legislation is proposed and highlights the challenges that arise when estimating the cost impact of firefighter presumption bills.

TYPES OF DISEASES COVERED: Defined as occupational diseases for which the firefighter presumptive coverage applies and number of jurisdictions where available:

  • Cancer - 20 jurisdictions*
  • Lung and respiratory conditions - 18 jurisdictions*
  • Blood and infectious diseases (may include COVID-19) - 13 jurisdictions*
  • Heart and vascular conditions - 19 jurisdictions*
  • Mental injuries - at least 25 jurisdictions* currently recognize “mental-mental” injuries (a mental injury or disability that arises without a physical injury)

*Out of the 38 jurisdictions where NCCI is a ratemaking or advisory organization as of 11/2/22.

WHAT ABOUT FIRST RESPONDERS? Most states that offer presumptive coverage to firefighters also offer similar coverage to other first responders.

KEY CONSIDERATION: These presumptions—that certain diseases or injuries are presumed to have been contracted or sustained in the course of employment—have the potential to impact the number of compensable claims and the ultimate cost of those claims.

WHO: NCCI Experts, Kim Neugent, Actuarial Consultant, and Bruce Spidell, Assistant Actuary

READ THE FULL REPORT: Firefighters and First Responders: 2023 Update on Presumptive Workers Comp Benefits for the full scope of this analysis.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: To schedule an interview with one of our experts, please contact: Cristine Pike, Director, Public Relations and Communications at NCCI.

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