Multi-Stakeholder Consortium Focused On Solving Workers’ Compensation And Disability Issues


Orlando, FL  (CompNewsNetwork) -  The Florida Stay at Work Consortium, part of the 60 Summits project of preventing needless disability, will hold its first roundtable event at The Rosen Centre in Orlando, FL on June 1 and 2. Gathered stakeholders will problem-solve issues associated with the disability and the workers' compensation system. The Florida Consortium, formed by a group of volunteers representing various stakeholder groups, has been planning the event for nearly a year.

Started by Dr. Jennifer Christian, 60 Summits brings together key stakeholders in the 50 United States and 10 Canadian Provinces to address stay-at-work and return-to-work issues that are causing needless employee disability. Summits have already been held in several states including Ohio, California, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Frank Pennachio, president of WorkComp Partners in Bartow, Fla. joined the group because "it is critical for all work comp stakeholders to get together and align their incentives to facilitate accelerated recovery of injured employees."

The Consortium recognized early on that success and action would occur only if every major stakeholder was represented. Jeff Moquin, director of risk management for the School Board of Broward County said, "The Summit creates an opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate in a non-competitive way to resolve common issues of concern within the workers' compensation system."

Dr. Richard Johnson, founder of Lakeside Occupational Medicine Centers concurred, "This event is the first effort to unite key players to better serve injured workers in a more cost effective way, which ultimately benefits employers, employees and the State."

Insurance companies are participating as well. Summit Consulting, based in Lakeland, Fla., has been actively planning the event since the Consortium was founded. Additionally, the Consortium will benefit from the participation of major sponsors such as Comp Options of Blue Cross Blue Shield and Broadspire/Crawford Insurance.

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