Kentucky Spencer County Man Lies On Insurance Application


Richardson must repay company for all claims paid on his behalf

Frankfort, KY (CompNewsNetwork) - A Spencer County Kentucky man must repay $9,718.66 in health insurance benefits he received after lying on the application. The case was investigated by the Kentucky Office of Insurance (KOI) Fraud Investigation Division.
Douglas Richardson, 37, of Taylorsville, admitted that he lied on a health insurance application with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, stating that he didn't have any significant health problems when he actually had several specific medical conditions. Anthem paid claims based on this fraudulent information.
He pleaded guilty to one felony count of insurance fraud and will be supervised for five years through a pretrial diversion agreement in Jefferson Circuit Court. Richardson was ordered to make restitution to Anthem for the claims paid on his behalf. In addition, he must pay a fine of $918.40 to KOI for investigative expenses. He waived his right to request that the record be expunged of this charge.
 “Giving false or incomplete information on an application is insurance fraud,” said John Burkholder, KOI acting executive director. “Consumers need to carefully review these documents before signing.”
 KOI is an agency of the Department of Public Protection in the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet.

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