Jill Gradwohl Schroeder Receives IAIABC President’s Award


Lincoln,NE(WorkersCompensation.com) - Jill Gradwohl Schroeder, Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court Administrator, received
the Frances Perkins Award as part of the President’s Awards ceremony at the 108th convention of the
International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) in September.

The annual IAIABC President’s Awards honor those who demonstrate commitment and achievement in
reducing harm and aiding recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses.

IAIABC President Gregor Kemper recognized Jill for following in the footsteps of Frances Perkins, U.S.
Secretary of Labor and IAIABC President, who was a role model for innovation and progressive leadership in
workers’ compensation and social security.

President Kemper stated in his presentation of the award that “Jill reaches out on a frequent basis with input
and ideas on IAIABC programming and resources. She is always willing to assist with projects and education.
She embodies the spirit of working to make workers’ compensation better for every individual it touches with
resolve and compassion.”

The IAIABC is an association of workers’ compensation jurisdictional agencies from around the world, as well
as private organizations involved in the delivery of workers’ compensation benefits and services. Since 1914,
this not-for-profit association has worked to identify best practices, develop and implement standards, and
provide education and information sharing.

For more information about workers’ compensation in Nebraska, refer to the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation
Court website (http://www.wcc.ne.gov) or call our Information Line at 402-471-6468 or 800-599-5155 (toll free).

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