California Gov. Schwarzenegger Highlights Need To Upgrade Technology Infrastructure At Conference On California’s Future


Sacramento, CA  (CompNewsNetwork) - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today addressed hundreds of local and state information technology (IT) personnel, technology officials and industry leaders at the GTC West 2008 Conference on California's Future. The Governor discussed his vision for California's future, and the role that technology and government can play in meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

"When I took office, rebuilding California was one of my top priorities," Governor Schwarzenegger said. "The people joined me in 2006 to approve $42 billion for new roads, bridges, levees, mass transit and schools. But building for our future takes more than just cranes and bulldozers. We must not only expand the concrete highways that connect Eureka to San Diego, but the digital ones that connect San Diego to Shanghai.

"We are in a new age where technology is everywhere around us and drives everything that we do. It is also our greatest partner and asset as we work to conquer the challenges that threaten our future."

The Governor also highlighted how technology can be used to better protect Californians. He called on State Chief Information Officer Teri Takai to create a task force to help other agencies and departments tap into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is a technology that utilizes geographic mapping, like Google Earth, that is layered with data that allows users to navigate in an environment where they can visualize scenarios in unlimited new ways.

The GIS technology has tremendous potential to serve the public in a variety of areas, including emergency response, public health and the environment. During last year's firestorms, for example, GIS allowed firefighters to see through the smoke-giving them a more accurate, real-time view of conditions on the ground.

To more effectively oversee information technology in state government, the Governor signed SB 90 in August of 2007 to establish the Office of the State Chief Information Officer as a cabinet-level agency with statutory authority over IT policy. The office establishes and enforces IT strategic plans, policies, standards and enterprise architecture, as well as approves information technology projects for all state departments. 

In December 2007, Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Teri Takai as the state chief information officer.

In 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Executive Orders S-12-06, S-21-06 and S-23-06 to encourage building broadband networks by bringing together experts from government and business so they can work together to identify and eliminate obstacles to making broadband internet access available everywhere in the state.

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