Workers’ Recovery is a Return to Life!


Part I: Safety! It’s in your hands!

The injured worker is the heart of what all of us in the workers’ compensation arena do every day. The horrible reality of a failure to follow established safety rules can be a nightmare for an injured worker, the worker’s family, and the worker’s employer. Billy Parker can tell you about that firsthand because a lapse of focus resulted in an amputation of both of his arms above the elbows. But with a positive focus on recovery, his story did not end there. Despite the tragedy he endured, he has returned to a full life with a positive focus. The details will sharpen your focus on the importance of safety and will renew your faith that the workers’ compensation system can and does make a difference. 

Presenter: Billy Parker, Lending a Hand, LLC, Louisville, Kentucky
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Part II: Collaborating to Advance the Return-to-Work Mission!

Natalie Torres
David Gandy, MD
Lori Graham, JD
Christopher Neyland, JD


After an injury, getting the injured worker back to work should be a primary goal of everyone involved in the system. Some have taken that responsibility seriously and have made genuine efforts to create the paradigm shift that is required to achieve that goal. Adjusters are being called “Recovery Specialists” in some instances; the workers’ compensation claim department is called the “Recovery Department” in others. That decision to reimagine the primary focus of the claims process in workers’ compensation claims is making a real difference.

This illustrious panel is comprised of a return-to-work specialist, an employer, a doctor, and a claimant’s attorney. Collectively they will address the challenges of focusing on return to work, successes they have encountered, industries where the greatest success has been achieved, tools for streamlining the focus, and ongoing challenges of providing options for the very seriously disabled.

Natalie Torres, Moderator, Senior Director of Client Solutions, WorkFinders USA
David Gandy, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Medical Legal Consulting, LLC
Lori Graham, JD, Director of Claims, Ergon, Inc.
Christopher Neyland, JD, Attorney, Morgan and Morgan

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Hours of continuing education credits have been approved for the following:
– 2 hours Mississippi CLE credits,
– 2 hours Mississippi Adjuster License CEU

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