Work-Related Injuries Increasing After COVID-19? Research and Answers Every Employer Needs to Know!


Experiencing an increase in work-related injuries? Is the amount of time to recover after the injury getting longer?

If so, it may be one of many long-term implications associated with COVID-19.

Join us as our panel of experts discuss Research and Answers Every Employer Needs to Know About COVID-19 Implications for Work-Related Injuries.



Our Panel Includes:

  • Dr. Scott Cherry, Chief Medical Officer, Axiom Medical
  • Chris van de Wetering, Ph.D., Executive Vice President at New Amsterdam Sciences, Inc.
  • Tom Gilliam, Ph.D., President at Industrial Physical Capability Services, Inc.

We’ll be answering questions, such as:


  • Should I expect an increase in work-related injuries? Why?
  • Which employee populations may be at higher risk of injury?
  • What research is available to understand the inflammatory response?
  • Which best practices should I implement to address fit-for-duty?

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