WILG – Cross Examination of Defense Experts in the TBI Case


What You Will Learn

  • What information to obtain in discovery
  • Typical defenses raised by experts in the TBI case
  • Medical literature to effectively cross examine defense experts
  • How to discredit myths about “mild” TBI
  • Summary


    Preparation is key to a successful outcome at trial. This webinar will prepare you to address typical defenses raised in TBI cases, effectively cross-examine defense experts and discredit a number of myths surrounding mild TBI, such as “everyone recovers in three to six months.”

    Bruce Stern will define the term "mild traumatic brain injury," cover many of the defenses experts typically raise, identify what information to obtain in discovery, and discuss medical literature needed to effectively cross-examine these experts and discredit their myths about your client’s traumatic brain injury.



    Bruce H. Stern, Esq.

    Bruce Stern specializes his practice in representing the victims of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and wrongful... Read More



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