Viral Pandemics and the Workplace in Colorado – Covering COVID-19


Produced by the National Workers' Compensation Defense Network,  in partnership with the Center for Education Excellence.

Handling COVID-19 exposures & cases in relation to Colorado Work Comp rules & regulations. 

1. An employee has been diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19.  The employee reports to his supervisor that he believes he acquired the illness through exposure at work.   What should the employer do?

2. If there was an exposure to COVID-19 in the work place is the employee likely to establish a compensable worker’s compensation claim?

3. An employee reports to his supervisor that he believes he was exposed to COVID-19 at work because he worked with a co-worker who has confirmed COVID-19.  Does the employer need to report the alleged work exposure to the worker’s compensation carrier/TPA ?

4. Can employers send employees home who exhibit potential symptoms of contagious illnesses at work? 

May 2020

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