The COVID-19 Ripple Effect: Economic and Medical Impact on the Payment of Temporary Disability Benefits


Center for Education Excellence

A Complimentary Webinar - From the Members of the National Workers' Compensation Defense Network and

With COVID-19 causing employers to temporarily or permanently close shop or fire or furlough all or part of their work staff, many have questions regarding when temporary disability benefits are owed. The answers vary from state to state. This panel of attorneys representing different regions of the United States will discuss whether benefits are owed when accommodated duty is not available solely due to economic factors or when accommodated duty is available but the employee refuses either out of fear or self-quarantine. They will also address whether or not TTD is owed when the employee refuses to cooperate with medical care out of fear of contracting the virus or if TTD should be started when an off work slip cannot be obtained because the medical provider refuses to see them due to exposure concerns.

April 2020

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