Tennessee Adjuster Certification Program


The Bureau of Workers' Compensation wants to ensure that injured workers return to their health and to their jobs as quickly as possible. We don't want injured workers to experience a delay in receiving medical benefits or lost wage benefits that could negatively impact or unnecessarily delay their recovery. To help meet these goals, an Adjuster Certification Program was developed to educate adjusters about the requirements of Tennessee's workers' compensation laws, rules and regulations. The purpose of this program is two-fold: assure that injured employees are treated fairly, and to assure that Tennessee workers' compensation claims are handled in an appropriate and uniform manner.

The program is conducted by Bureau staff including judges, program directors, and the assistant administrator. Training sessions are offered periodically throughout the year. Insurance adjusters who attend the two-day class, and then pass a final exam can be recognized by the Bureau as "certified". This designation indicates a higher level of understanding of Tennessee's workers' compensation claims handling standards, the time frames for providing benefits and the improved communications that result from early and continued contact with each person involved in the claim. This designation can also prove to be a marketing advantage for adjusters and the carriers/Third Party Administrators as employers looking to obtain workers' compensation insurance will be able to access the list of certified adjusters and certified adjusting entities.

Program Curriculum

The voluntary program consists of a two-day training event conducted by Bureau staff. The facilitators are all directors and supervisors within Bureau - in other words, the very people that interpret and enforce the policies and procedures presented in the training. A test administered at the end of the second day. Attending both days and achieving a passing grade is required to be recognized as a "Certified Adjuster".

The program is not intended to show adjusters “how to do their job” but rather focuses on the relationships and interactions from the adjuster’s perspective pertaining to Tennessee workers’ compensation law and best practices.

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