Telemedicine: How you can Harness it to Strengthen your Claims Tool Belt


Telemedicine is here to stay. COVID-19 only accelerated its momentum and helped push it to the forefront at the height of the pandemic - exposing many risk management professionals to the platform for the first time.

It also helped shed some light on the effectiveness of treatment and potential claims savings opportunities. In this webinar event, a talented and diverse panel will explore how to effectively harness this technology to benefit all parties of a claim.

Attendees can expect the learn:
- Understanding when to consider using it
- Strategies to implement an effective telemedicine program
- The 'real reasons' why it's not more popular now
- Getting 'Buy in' at all levels (management, HR, and workforce)
- How Telemedicine for personal use is making work comp treatment more acceptable
- Overcoming Objections
- How to Capture savings opportunities
- Injured employee feedback

Panelists include:
Chad Beinschroth, Regional Work Comp Manager (Amazon)
Marc Ponce, Regional Director of Work Comp (Albertson's)
Janet Mars, Workers' Comp Risk Mgmt (Netflix)
Kyle Cato, Director of Risk Mgmt (Williams-Sonoma)
Theresa Roland, Director of HR (City of Ceres)
Dr. Ken Takemoto, Found (OccuDoc)
Casey Altman, Risk Management (Long Beach Transit)

This presentation is for Risk Managers, Claims professionals, safety and HR personnel only. Sorry, no vendors for this one.

Moderated by Josh Diggs.

June 2021

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