T.P. and Zoom and Psych Claims, Oh My!


Produced by the National Workers' Compensation Defense Network,  in partnership with the WorkersCompensation.com Center for Education Excellence.

As we continue to gather evidence on the long-term effects, if any, of COVID-19 claims, there is increasing concern that the psychiatric elements of COVID-19 may present the greatest exposure for employers and insurers.  Without question, the collective anxiety of the nation is at a level not seen since World War II.  Unsurprisingly then, whether psychiatric impairments stem from actual COVID-19 diagnoses, or merely “fear of” claims, we can expect psychological issues to manifest in a significant percentage of claims.   Join our panel for a discussion of compensability of COVID-19 psychiatric claims, potential exposure for them, and best practices in defending against these claims. 

June 2020

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