Specialty Provider Roundtable: The Future of Personalized Care Continuity for Injured Workers Beyond COVID-19


Join this panel-led webinar to learn directly from a licensed post-acute care healthcare administrator, leading orthopedic physician and telemedicine pioneer on how a global viral outbreak is transforming healthcare delivery in the workers' comp industry.

As providers rush to adapt to a new mindset of minimized service disruption along with mitigated viral transmission risk, questions abound from claims professionals on how they should navigate these new models of patient and family interaction. This webinar will address what safe patient care and discharge planning looks like today, but more importantly how a sharp pivot to remote, virtual technologies will play a significant role in the future of the patient experience. In an environment of social distancing and self-isolation, physicians and patients alike are experiencing a renewed sense of personalized connection through these highly efficient evaluation channels. The societal shifts leading providers to embrace telehealth and its rapid evolution are being met head on, and we turn to our panel of subject matter experts to discuss overall functionality and patient satisfaction in the specialty care setting.

This webinar will be hosted by the WorkersCompensation.com Center for Education Excellence. Adjusters and nurse case managers from across the country will comprise the audience in the virtual room. Live video of our panelists will be on display, and our thought leaders will also be available to interact with attendees who submit questions.

May 2020

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