Sarasota Bradenton Claims Association Casino Night


Now is the time to find your roaring 1920's outfit, purchase your entry ticket and or sponsorship. Vendors you can reach out to your clients and purchase multiple tickets for them to attend. It is encouraged each vendor bring a door prize. Members please dress in 1920's attire to make this event a bit more fun, creativity is a plus. The dinner will be a buffet breakfast style as they do around 4 a.m. in Las Vegas.

There will be no C.E..U. credits for this social fun evening.

Please bring a children's book for our charity, each book will give a separate raffle ticket. The charity raffle is sponsored by Knew Line Investigations (

The band "Timeless" features our very own Richard Dibacco as a band member. Come see him perform. The live band is proudly sponsored by;Workers Rehab., Monti, Absolute DX and Ringler & Associates.

You will be given fun chips to play Craps, Roulette, Texas Holdem and Black Jack with professional dealers. They will teach you each game and they are patient. There will be buy backs for chips if luck isn't on your side.

This is a social event and you can bring your spouse for the same price as a member ticket.

Vendors: There will be plenty of sponsorship's which are listed in the Ticket Section of this invite. We encourage all vendors to sponsor to make this a successful event for all members attending. We also ask each vendor to bring a door prize, creativity with the door prize is also encouraged.


Get your Roaring 1920's outfit together, gather a team from your office to attend and lets make some fun memories.


The bar will be open and there will be a pit boss guiding any newbies on any of the games. Purchase your ticket(s) as this event is always a full house (in years past).

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