Respiratory Muscle Weakness May Delay Recovery


Panelist(s) Info:

Zack Craft, ATS, ATP, CRTS, CAPS, CEAC, NRRTS, One Call; Nina Bausek, PHD, Chief Scientist, PN Medical; Sigfredo Aldarondo, MDMD, CMO, Pulmonologist, Professor, Ret Lt Col, PN Medical

Duration:1 hour


Approved for 1 CE Hour:
- RN, LPN, ARNP, CNA nationwide
- Nursing Certification: CCMC, CRCC nationwide
- Adjuster: AL, DE, FL, GA, IN, MN, MS, MT, NC, NH, NM,
- CA Adjuster: Workers' Compensation Post-Designation

1 CE Hour Pending Approval:
- Nursing Certification: CDMS nationwide
- Adjuster: IN, KY, LA, OK

Course Objectives:
- Provide adjusters and case managers with a basic
understanding of respiratory muscle weakness and its
impact on claims.
- Identify respiratory system breakdown implications
related to respiratory muscle weakness (RMW).
- Discuss top assessments used to identify RMW and obtain
baseline measures.
- Discuss which disciplines should take the lead on
various assessments
- Review wearables and mobile apps therapists and
patients are utilizing
- Walk away with knowledge of RMT that can be used to
implement a program in your setting to improve
functional outcomes

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