Out Front Ideas: The Impact of Expanding Leave of Absence Regulations


The leave of absence and job accommodations environment is continuing to evolve with constant changes to laws and regulations. This is a huge challenge for employers as they strive to balance employee experience and compliance with all applicable leave of absence laws. 

Join us for a complimentary Out Front Ideas webinar with Kimberly and Mark where a panel of experts will explore the latest trends pertaining to leave of absence and job accommodations, including employer concerns and challenges.

 Panelists will discuss:

  • Leave of absence law trends on state and local levels. 
  • Coordination between different departments to ensure a good employee experience while assuring regulatory compliance.
  • How leave and accommodation laws apply to workers’ compensation claims.
  • Reasonable accommodation considerations.
  • And more!

Speakers include:

  • Jennifer Holland, Senior Manager, Leave Strategies, American Airlines
  • Bryon Bass, Senior Vice President Workforce Absence Solutions, Sedgwick

Jeff Nowak, Attorney, Littler

February 2019

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