Out Front Ideas -COVID-19 Briefing 6: Executing Your Return to the Office Plan



In the last month, many offices previously closed due to COVID-19 started reopening as government restrictions on activities were lessened. This return to the office is presenting new challenges to employers as they continue to protect their workforces and customers.

In this complimentary Out Front Ideas COVID-19 Briefing Webinar Series, our panel will discuss the challenges they are facing, lessons they are learning and their expectations for the future.

Attendees will learn:

  • Strategies for reopening your office.
  • Lessons learned during office reopening.
  • How employers are adapting to changing restrictions.
  • Challenges in returning to the office.
  • And more!

Guests include:

  • Grace Crickette, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs and Ethics Officer | University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Anna Hui, Director | Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Marijo Storment, Chief Executive Officer of Complex Care Solutions | Paradigm

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