Medicare and Medicaid Compliance in Workers’ Compensation Claims


Join us for our first virtual webinar that will focus on Medicare, Medicaid, and our respective responsibilities in dealing with these interests.

Presenters, John Cattie and Rafael Gonzalez have formed Cattie and Gonzalez, PLLC, the only national law firm in the nation focusing its entire law practice on Medicare and Medicaid Secondary Compliance issues. The issues are evolving rapidly with a myriad of penalties, fines, and lawsuits related to failures to respond to the challenges correctly. This two-hour session will provide a roadmap to a full understanding of the issues about which we should all be concerned to avoid the negative implications for failed compliance.

Medicare and Medicaid now cover about 140 million Americans and the cost of those services in 2021 will be about $1.5 trillion! Both systems are in both short- and long-term financial trouble, so both are getting extremely aggressive about protecting their interests!

Among the topics to be addressed include:
– Rule changes made and being proposed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the SMART Act of 2019, the PAID Act (signed into law December 14, 2020), and the litigation being filed to recover funds due Medicare and Medicaid.
– Discussion will include what Responsible Reporting Entities (RRE’s), the attorneys representing them, and the attorneys representing injured workers and plaintiffs in liability cases, must do to appropriately address Medicare’s and Medicaid’s interests when handling a workers’ compensation or liability claim.
– From the appropriate reporting of a claim to the CMS, to addressing Medicare’s future interests when settling a claim, to the successful handling of conditional payment claims pre- and post-settlement, this session will provide a roadmap of the pitfalls, important timelines to remember, and the steps needed to avoid disastrous consequences.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Hours of continuing education credits have been applied for the following:
– 2 hours Mississippi CLE credits, one of which is an ethics hour
– 2 hours Mississippi Adjuster License CEU.

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