Knee and Shoulder Injuries: Treatment Options


Knee and Shoulder injuries make up a large percentage of the medical insurance and healthcare related claims treated in the orthopedic field.  There are several common injuries for each group:  knee and shoulder, as well as common indicators that suggest who might suffer an injury. 

This course will review the common sources of knee and shoulder pain through injury.  The instructor will discuss diagnosing common knee and shoulder injuries and show examples through the use of x-rays from case studies.   A thorough review of treatment options and basic anatomy will assist the learner in making referral decisions in their WC and healthcare-related position.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to qualify for CE credits, you must attend the LIVE webinar event is being held only on Thursday, June 23, 2022, from 2-3:00 PM Eastern time.

2 P.M. ET / 1 P.M. CT / 12 P.M. MT/ 11 A.M. PT

If you watch this webinar after the live event, you will be watching a recording and will not qualify for CE credits. 

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