ICT – Emerging Technology and Its Impact on the Insurance Sector


Contrary to popular opinion, the insurance industry has often been an early adopter of new technology has become widespread and accessible to many people and industries but successfully incorporating these new “insurtech” solutions is difficult for many firms to achieve. 

The challenges posed by the adoption of these emerging technologies are not solely technical or financial in nature but also driven by a change in customer expectations, the imagination and know-how of workers, and regulation. 

In this one-hour webinar, attendees will learn how emerging technology holds the promise to help the sector overcome the “7 fatal flaws” of insurance, how insurtech is both competing with and collaborating with existing firms and how organizations and companies can develop a culture of innovation to spark new ideas and maximize the talents of their workforce.  However, the accumulation of legacy solutions over time has created a major challenge for organizations to manage.

About our speaker:

Rob Galbraith is a well-known insurance futurist, industry influencer and international bestselling author.  Rob has over 25 years of experience on the carrier side and is a recognized thought leader who has been called “the patron saint of insurtech” and “the most interesting man in insurance”.  He is an award-winning keynote speaker and frequent media contributor who has spoken at events around the globe on the topics of innovation, insurtech, and the future of insurance.  Rob holds the CPCU, CLU, and ChFC professional designations and co-hosts the InsureTech Geek podcast which is available on all major platforms.

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