From Basic to Best-in-Class: How to Upgrade Your PT Program


When a workplace injury occurs, one of the most common types of treatment needed is physical therapy (PT). In fact, 62 percent of claims include outpatient physical medicine services. And while PT is a fairly simple concept in theory, programs run the gamut from basic to best-in-class. The PT care your injured workers receive makes all the difference in terms of their return to work timeline and overall outcomes. Join us as we discuss five key elements to keep an eye out for when seeking the best PT program for your injured workers: early engagement, clinical oversight, a data-driven approach, utilizing a high-quality provider network and patient-centricity.
Linda Lane
Linda Lane
Harbor Health Systems

Linda Lane is currently President of Harbor Health Systems, a part of One Call Care Management. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, and throughout her career, Linda has played an active role in identifying and executing strategic changes necessary to shape the future vision and direction of the organization and sustain OCCM’s growth.

Andrea Buhl
Andrea Buhl
Managing Director, Clinically Intg Med Program

Ms. Buhl is the senior vice president of clinically integrated medical programs with Sedgwick. Andrea oversees several of Sedgwick’s managed care solutions, including telephonic case management (TCM), field case management (FCM), clinical consultation (24-hour nurse triage call center) and behavioral health services (BHS). Her attention to detail and dedication to customer service have been instrumental in developing cutting-edge programs designed to provide injured employees with the right treatment at the right time. Andrea started working with Sedgwick in 2007. Previously, she worked as a registered nurse in a critical care environment. She also is a board-certified family nurse practitioner (FNP) and has experience working in primary care

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