Fast Track to OSHA COVID Compliance Summit Keynote Address


Ready or Not – Here the Mandates Come!

OSHA 2.0 is expected to radically change regulated health management in the workplace, requiring vaccination or weekly testing with daily health checks for employees.

With fines increasing up to 50x higher for each rule-breaking instance of noncompliance, the stakes have never been higher and your professional reputation is on the line.

Is it a big ask of employers?  YES!  Is it impossible?  NO!

Join us for the half-day Fast Track to OSHA COVID Compliance Summit, hosted by Axiom Medical.

Through a series of eight (8) 30-minute fast track sessions, industry experts will cover:

  • OSHA 2.0 Expectations
  • Human Resources and Legal Implications
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Preparing for Unannounced OSHA Inspections
  • Data Cycle Security and Management
  • Mental Health Complexities of Difficult Employment Decisions
  • Best Practices for Launching Your OSHA COVID Compliance Programs

Have questions?  We’ve got answers! 

Email us at and we will address them at the summit.

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