CSIA: WC Abuse Isn’t a Game, but Combatting it Requires Strategy


This will be a 60 minute session with industry experts Dalene Bartholomew of VRC Investigations.  Dalene, CFE, CIFI, is Vice President, VRC Investigations.  She is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator and Regulatory Compliance Expert.

This dynamic session will provide an inside look into the games people play in an effort to obtain unwarranted Workers’ Compensation benefits and how you can strategize to ensure only warranted benefits are paid.  This high-energy presentation provides claims professionals with insights to successfully identify the 4 most common games being played including malingering, exaggerating, denial of prior treatment and working while collecting TTD.  Proven strategies will be demonstrated that programs can utilize immediately to mitigate these challenges.  This presentation is a must-see for claim professionals,self-insurance program leadership, employers, defense attorneys and risk managers. 

 KEY TAKE-AWAYS will be:



  • View claim examples wherein claimants attempted to obtain unwarranted benefits and “games” played
  • View strategies deployed to ensure only warranted benefits were paid
  • Gain proven strategies you can utilize immediately to evaluate questionable claims
  • CA DOI updated Fraud Regulations starting 4/1/2021; learn what impactS your program
  • Gain insights and strategies you can utilize immediately to mitigate abuse and enhance your fraud abatement program

This exciting and essential session, presented by Dalene is a must-see!  


As with all CSIA webinars, this session is free to CSIA members in good standing and is $25 for non-members.  We will be providing a CEU certificate of completion to all attendees and will share a recording of the webinar on our CSIA member page.

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