COVID Madness: Federal Mandates, Legal Landmines, and other Things Employers need to Know


If you are an employer, the COVID Madness doesn't seem to have an end in sight -- Federal mandates, reporting requirements, variants, leaves, fines, vaccination documentation. So much to consider, so much to juggle.

In this WorkComp Blitz virtual panel discussion, we will explore the recent federal vaccination mandate along with the following topics:

- Who is impacted & What it means for employers
- The legal hurdles of implementation
- How to Avoid the hidden landmines
- The impact on company culture
- Importance of documentation
- Other "Things you need to know"
- OSHA involvement

Our panel includes a diverse cross-section of risk management, HR professionals and legal experts that will weigh in on all of the things that are keeping employers up at night.

Panelists include:
- Elizabeth Flores (Don Roberto Jewelers)
- Tania Matulewicz (Vallarta Supermarkets)
- Anthony Santos (Think Together non-profit)
- Veda Mabry (PacSun)
- Brent Rose (Black & Rose law firm)
- Matt Soleimanpour (Soleiman Law)

The roundtable panel discussion with be moderated by Josh Diggs, Director of Content for WorkComp Blitz and Director of Claims at Modern Reign Insurance Brokers.

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