COVID-19 FACTS and FEAR for a Workers’ Compensation Claim


A Complimentary Webinar from the law firm of Cousineau, Waldhauser & Kieselbach and the Center of Education Excellence

10:AM Central Time

What are the facts around COVID-19?

What are the biggest concerns for employers and the public at large? What is fact, and what is fear? .


How does Coronavirus compare to previous epidemics?

How does this pandemic stack up against previous health threats like H1N1 or Bird flu? How does it compare to the 1918 flu epidenic? What does this mean for employers and insurers?

Mark A. Kleinschmidt - 

For 30 years Mark has represented public/governmental, and private (local, national and multinational) employers in defense of workers’ compensation claims, and their relationship to other employment claims.

With a formula of proactive client counseling and substantial experience in trial and at the appellate level and an eye focused on problem-solving and closure, Mark stands up for his clients at each step.

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