COVID-19 Compensability


Join the Workers Compensation Research Institute’s (WCRI) President and CEO John Ruser for a free 30-minute webinar on Thursday, May 14 at 2 p.m. ET with Judge David Langham, deputy chief judge of compensation claims for the Florida Office of Judges of Compensation Claims at the Division of Administrative Hearings, as they discuss this important topic and take your questions. 

Questions addressed:

  • How have communicable diseases been treated in the past in workers’ compensation?
  • What has changed about COVID-19?
  • How have the various states altered the potential compensability of COVID-19 claims?
  • How would the different approaches to potential compensability affect the volume of claims?
  • Does the treatment of COVID-19 claims signal a change in the future for how communicable diseases are covered in workers’ compensation?

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