Assuring Accurate Impairment Ratings: Best Practice Strategies to Obtain, Evaluate and Manage Impairment Evaluations


o you have well-defined, cost-effective, best practices processes for obtaining, evaluating and managing impairment evaluations? If not, you are not alone – however, it is essential that you do. Don’t miss this unique, no fee, webinar where you will learn the steps required to assure that impairment ratings are accurate and unbiased. You will learn:

1. How to obtain quality impairment evaluations that are likely to result in correct ratings, including how to: select the most appropriate evaluator, utilize published best practices for IMEs, establish standards for the evaluators, write an effective cover letter, and provide needed information.

2. How to identify erroneous impairment ratings, including “red flags” and how to use technology to screen ratings.

3. How to manage erroneous impairment ratings, including how to: select and use appropriate professionals to review ratings, use strategies to correct a flawed rating, and approaches to assure effective cross-examinations.

All stakeholders are invited to attend. The primary audience includes claims professionals, employers, attorneys (defense and plaintiff), and fact-finders. Physicians are also encouraged to attend so they will learn how to work most effectively with their clients. In advance and during the event you may submit your questions.

February 2019

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