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    Minnesota Case Law

    Our database includes 224 Minnesota cases dating back to 1996

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    Top 5 Most-Viewed Cases in Minnesota

    Paradigm Enterprises, Inc., Respondent, vs. Westfield National Insurance Co., Appellant.

    Kelci Stringer, individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Korey Stringer, and as Trustee for the Heirs and Next-of-Kin of Korey Stringer, and Kodie Stringer, a Minor, through his Parent and Natural Guardian, Kelci Stringer, and Cathy Reed-Stringer and James Stringer, Appellants, vs. Minnesota Vikings Football Club, LLC, and Fred Zamberletti and Chuck Barta and Paul Osterman, Respondents, and Dennis Green and Michael Tice, and W. David Knowles, M.D., and Mankato Clinic, Ltd., and Sheldon Burns, M.D., and David Fischer, M.D., and Orthopaedic Consultants, P.A., and Edina Family Physicians, a professional association, and John Does 6 through 30, Natural Persons or Entities Whose Names or Identities are Unknown to Plaintiff, Defendants.

    Connie C. Reider, Respondent, vs. Self-Insured, Relator, and Noran Neurological Clinic, and Blaine Chiropractic Center, Intervenors.

    FRANK MYERS, Employee/Cross-Appellant, v. MINNESOTA VIKINGS FOOTBALL CLUB, INC., and EMPLOYERS INS. OF WAUSAU, Employer-Insurer/Appellant.

    American Family Insurance Group, petitioner, Respondent, vs. Joseph Udermann, Appellant.

    Minnesota Case Summaries

    Gluba v. Bitzan and Ohren Masonry [Case # A06-1849]
    Permanent Partial, Constitutionality of Permanent Partial Disability Thresholds

    Roemhildt v. Gresser, Inc [Case # A06-1721, A06-1793]
    Statute of Limitations, Contribution

    Falls v. Coca-Cola [Case # A06-994]
    Statute of Limitations, Temporary Total, Suitable Job Offer/Refusal of Suitable Job Offer

    Spencer v. Jedlicky [Case # WC07-148]
    Compensability, Prohibitive Acts

    Birchholz v. Wagner Spray Tech [Case # WC07-128]
    Attorney Fees

    Heinrichs v. ISD 625, St. Paul Public Schools [Case # WC07-158]
    Attorney Fees

    Bennett v. Northwest Airlines [Case # WC07-151]
    Multiple Injuries/Successive Injuries/Intervening Causes

    Botler v. Wagner's Greenhouse, [Case # WC07-169]

    Spawn v. National Steel Pellet [Case # WC07-189]
    Medical Benefits/Treatment/Psychiatric Care, Medical Fees

    Stemper v. Con Agra [Case # WC07-187]
    Medical Benefits/Treatment/Psychiatric Care, Medical Fees

    Lehto v. Community Memorial Hospital [Case # WC07-188]
    Medical Benefits/Treatment/Psychiatric Care, Medical Fees

    Adamich v. Koski [Case # WC07-199]
    Medical Benefits/Treatment/Psychiatric Care, Medical Fees

    Pikula v. Wadena County [Case # WC07-112]
    Apportionment, Permanent Partial

    Sorby v. DCI [Case # WC07-130]
    Apportionment, Permanent Partial

    Liniewicz v. Muller Family Theatres [Case # WC06-253]
    Permanent Total

    Gombold v. Metal-Craft [Case # WC07-132]
    Vocational Evaluation/Rehabilitation

    Erickson v. City of St. Paul [Case # WC06-258]
    Vocational Evaluation/Rehabilitation

    Buotto v. U.S. Steel [Case # WC06-288]
    Temporary Partial