Workers' Comp: The Next Major Data Breach Target?


Wayne, PA ( - Is workers' compensation next in line to suffer a major data security breach? Security experts with GENEX Services, a leading provider of managed care services for the workers' compensation industry caution that, as with any industry today, the possibility of a major data intrusion is always a concern. However, with knowledge, preparation and vigilance, data security measures can go a long way in keeping information from getting into the wrong hands.

To help provide insights for a broad cross section of industry leaders, not just those in IT or data security, GENEX has developed a free informative whitepaper “Enemy at the Gate: Data Security Risks in Workers' Comp.”

“GENEX Services is not in the business of data security, but we deal with sensitive personal health information as does any company in health care today,” said Ron Skrocki, vice president. “We know that if steps aren't taken internally and within our customers, we could be at risk. We want to help our clients and industry prepare.”

The whitepaper contains important steps organizations should take to more effectively secure data, including password security, and major initiatives such as data encryption. It also offers basic regulatory issues and terminology to help industry leaders better understand data concerns and promote collaboration with partners and vendors to improve security. 

To access the free GENEX Whitepaper on Data Security go to

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