WC Market Research Identifies Three Key Challenges For 2010

                               Parsippany, NJ (CompNewsNetwork) - One Call Medical (OCM), the nation's leading provider of diagnostic testing (including MRI, CT scans, Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies), today announced the results from a series of market research initiatives, conducted to identify key challenges in the workers' compensation claims industry. By surveying claims managers, examiners, and nurse case managers, the research revealed three key concerns and needs in order to perform more effectively in 2010:

1.   Controlling Medical Costs and Outcomes. Across the board, participants had experienced a decrease in claims frequency, but a significant rise in the medical cost component of their claims. Increasing at twice the rate of general inflation, medical expenses are the biggest cost-containment challenge.
2.    Accountability to a High Level of Performance. At all levels, workers' compensation professionals are under tremendous pressure to demonstrate a high level of performance. Clients are requiring audits and ongoing reports that quantify and meet key performance measures, as they relate to claims handling, utilization of provider networks, and achieving early return-to-work outcomes. As a result, organizations need services and tools to help them offload and manage specialized functions, so they can better focus on the tasks that directly impact client service, costs, and outcomes.

3.    Education to Keep Pace with an Ever-Changing Industry. Workers' compensation is a complex industry. Claims and nurse professionals must become familiar with a number of sophisticated topics, including medical procedures and regulatory changes. Due to the depth of knowledge required, there's a huge demand for education. In today's difficult economy, training budgets have been reduced. Many organizations must supplement in-house training with other cost-effective opportunities to expand expertise, while meeting continuing education requirements.

“By conducting market research, we're able to hear first hand about the challenges many workers' compensation professionals face,” said Bill Colacurcio, director of marketing at One Call Medical. “With these findings, we strive to continually provide our clients and injured workers with the greatest value from our diagnostic specialty network—in terms of quality, accuracy, timeliness, and cost savings.”

As the largest, most experienced provider of advanced radiology and neurodiagnostic testing for workers' compensation, OCM has the expertise to address these issues as they relate to diagnostic claims. The company's “smart” diagnostic management solutions address these top industry concerns in the following ways:

·    Quality Diagnostic Network. With the experience of providing more than 400,000 diagnostic scans each year, One Call Medical is uniquely positioned to place patients at the nation's most qualified diagnostic providers. The bottom line is OCM delivers accurate results, which helps to guide an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan, and leads to early recovery and return-to-work outcomes. 

·    Optimal Performance in Diagnostic Management. Using sophisticated analytics, OCM helps organizations achieve and become accountable to a higher level of performance in diagnostic management. OCM performs a proprietary assessment to analyze a client's total diagnostic spending and its percentage of “unmanaged” diagnostic claims. Through consultation, OCM helps organizations implement leakage capture strategies that provide retrospective and prospective savings. Performance reports quantify the client's increased ability to manage advanced radiology and achieve savings over time.

·    OCM University. To address educational needs, One Call Medical has launched a series of free webinars and continuing education units (CEUs) that help claims adjusters and nurse case managers understand today's complex medical, diagnostic, and workers' compensation issues. These training opportunities are free and available online through OCM University. To register and view a calendar of events, visit www.onecallmedical.com; enter the OCM Knowledge Center and select Webinars/CEUs.

“Conducting ongoing market research among industry leaders is central to our strategy to identify, address, and raise awareness about the critical claims and medical challenges in workers' compensation,” concluded Colacurcio. 

About One Call Medical, Inc. 

One Call Medical, Inc. (OCM), the leading specialized Preferred Provider Organization, offers a nationwide network of fully credentialed high quality facilities and reduced cost for radiology and neurodiagnostic services. One Call Medical's network includes coverage in all major metropolitan areas across all 50 states. OCM customers realize significant cost savings, receive exceptional scheduling and medical report turnaround services and are confident in knowing that their patients obtain the best quality diagnostic testing in credentialed facilities. OCM's customers include the nation's leading Workers' Compensation and Group Health insurers, third-party administrators, as well as self-insured employers. 
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