TDI Has New Online Form Submission Option To Help Employers Comply with State Workers’ Comp Requirements


Austin, TX ( - The Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) now offers a new option for employers or those filing on their behalf, such as third-party administrators and employer representatives who file the DWC Form-005, Employer Notice of No Coverage or Termination of Coverage with DWC.

Texas employers that do not have workers' compensation insurance coverage must submit the DWC Form-005  to DWC, along with the DWC Form-205, Locations of Employer's Business(es) if the employer has multiple locations. This option is designed to help employers increase their compliance with this requirement.

Employers and those filing on their behalf now have the option to file up to 500 forms online with one submission in XML format. This option reduces the effort needed to file each form individually, and it will also be useful for those submitting a single form with many business locations. The XML file includes all of the information required on the DWC Form-005 and DWC Form-205.

The option assists those who file the form frequently by allowing them to program their systems to submit the information automatically.  Instructions to prepare and submit an XML file are on the Texas Department of Insurance website at

Employers and those filing on their behalf may continue submitting single forms by fax, mail, or online if those methods are more conducive to their business processes. 

Additional information on DWC reporting requirements for Texas employers that do not have workers' compensation coverage is also available on the website at .

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