TDI-DWC Offers Statistics On Reportable Injuries

Austin, TX (CompNewsNetwork) - The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation (TDI-DWC) has made a new data query tool available on its website. The Workers' Compensation Claims Data tool allows public access to non-confidential workers' compensation claim data.

Based on user-selected categories, public users can run dynamic queries that provide data, tables and charts of injury and illness data. The data fields available for querying include: injury/month/day; county of employer; industry classification code; nature of injury/illness; body part; and cause/event.

The query tool displays only non-confidential claims data, ensuring that confidential claim information is not released. The tool also contains other safeguards to ensure confidentiality. For example, query results of less than five claims are aggregated into an “other/unknown” category. This prevents users from identifying a particular injured employee if they are familiar with their claims or injuries.

Previously, statistical claims information was only available upon request from the TDI-DWC. Now users can access this information at any time on the agency's website using the Workers' Compensation Claims Data tool located at

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