Survey Findings Show Chief Risk Officers' Salaries Increased 7 Percent Since 2008


New York, NY ( - When compared to previous years' surveys, RIMS 2013 Compensation Survey findings reveal that Chief Risk Officers' (CRO) average base salary has increased from $170,683 in 2008 to $183,572 in 2013 – nearly a 7.5% increase over the five year period.  The 212-page survey, now available for pre-orders, provides detailed compensation analysis by industry and location for virtually all risk professional positions.

Compared to RIMS 2008 Compensation Survey, key findings include:

·         Average base salary for CROs in the United States have increased 7%;

·         Average base salary for Claims Analyst in the United States – the lowest paid risk management position – increased 19%;

·         Average base salary for CROs in Canada have increased 19%.

The survey is released every other year by RIMS and, this year, comprised data from 2,246 completed surveys.  The results reflect data submitted by individual risk management professionals working in over 1,500 organizations in the United States and more than 200 in Canada. 

“Knowing what your competitors are paying their risk professionals can be a tremendous advantage when negotiating salary and, more importantly, setting your organization's strategic risk management objectives,” said Jill Levy, RIMS Membership Director. “More than just a listing of risk professionals' annual salaries, RIMS Compensation Survey allows organizations to review their local competitors' risk management staffing expenses and more efficiently budget for this essential business capability.”

RIMS 2013 Compensation is now available for pre-orders and is available to both members and nonmembers. To pre-order a copy, go to The survey is $25 for contributors; $250 for member/noncontributors; and $500 for nonmember/noncontributors.

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