Putting Workers First: A Top Priority For Obama Administration

                               Washington, DC (CompNewsNetwork) - Making the economy work again for ordinary workers will be a top priority for the Obama Administration and the new congress. The Bush years – even before the current economic downturn – were not good for the pocketbooks of ordinary Americans. Wages stayed flat and health and retirement benefits became scarce, while the cost of living rose.

Addressing these fundamental economic challenges will require years of effort and significant new legislation. Yet there are also strategies to help workers that can be implemented much more quickly.

Two new reports by the Center for American Progress Action Fund's American Worker Project describe how the Obama administration can immediately improve on the Bush administration's poor track record. As the reports detail, workers, taxpayers and law-abiding businesses will be helped by strategically enforcing existing worker protection laws at the Department of Labor and reforming federal contracting policies to promote good jobs. The reports focus on administrative reforms that can be implemented right away, but also note where Congress must also act.
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