OK: Important Update on WCC Covid-19 Response


Oklahoma City, OK (WorkersCompensation.com) - The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission (“WCC”) and the Court of Existing Claims (“CEC”) will continue to close its offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa for the remainder of the week, March 18 through March 20. Commission dockets will be reset, and case filing deadlines will be extended once Commission administrative hearing operations are reestablished. Employees of the WCC should not report to work the rest of the week and will be on paid administrative leave for the rest of the week. 

Important Information to Consider:

·        On Monday March 16, cleaning staff used a fogger disinfectant system in all areas of the first floor of the Denver Davison building. In addition to regular cleaning and disinfecting of our office space and restrooms, on the second and third floor, special cleaning was conducted to common hard surfaces, doorknobs, elevator buttons, light switches, and floors to ensure they were disinfected. 

·        The Commission will post guidance, before the start of next week, to address appearances at Commission administrative hearings or appeals during this public health emergency. 

Health and Safety:

·        Employees are encouraged to stay up-to-date on CDC information, including information on domestic and international travel and best practices to remain healthy, such as social distancing and proper hygiene practices: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

·        Should an employee develop acute respiratory illness symptoms to include shortness of breath, cough and/or fever they should self-isolate at home and contact a healthcare provider for further evaluation. You should not return to work until symptoms have resolved for at least 72 hours without medication. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, the employee should plan to self-isolate at home until they are cleared by a healthcare provider to return to work and resume their normal routine. More information regarding what to do if you are sick can be found at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/steps-when-sick.html.

If employees have any questions regarding the agency’s plan, or any other concerns, they should speak with their supervisors.

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